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Why You’re Not Getting the Business Results You Want

Though most businesses do the majority of their planning at the beginning of the year and the beginning of their fiscal years as well, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t always be planning in some shape or form. In fact, without planning, your goals may just sit, untouched, all year.

But have you really looked at your goals and found that they are kind of the same ones you set last year? Yeah, that’s pretty common – but it also means that big things just aren’t happening for your company. If you’ve ever wondered why this could possibly be, read on.

You have Trouble with Procrastination

It’s okay to admit that you procrastinate sometimes. We all do, especially when we don’t want to do something. Sometimes procrastination isn’t even conscious, and you do it because you’re afraid your idea is going to fail (sometimes you’re even afraid it’s going to succeed). Stop that, right now. Find a way to motivate yourself out of the procrastination muck and start heading in the right direction or you’ll never know the true potential of your business venture.

You Didn’t Think on a Reasonable Scale

Big goals are good things, but you shouldn’t set your goal to a level that is impossible to achieve in the time limit you gave it. If you want 600 customers by the end of the year and right now you only have 10, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. Research and think your goals out so you know they are achievable so you can feel good when you reach them.

You’ve Forgotten How to Work Smart

The definition of idiocy (not insanity) is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. If you’re doing this (even if you’re not doing it on purpose!) it’s likely you’re wasting a lot of time on a whole lot of nothing. Get smart and make a change! Even if it seems insignificant and small at the moment, it probably won’t be when you finally start seeing the results you wanted.

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