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Cut costs and work smartly with cutting-edge comms tools.


Harness the power of technology in your organization today.

Technology is the driver to help your business evolve and overcome many operational challenges. 

Find out how our team can help your business today!

Is your current phone system antiquated, or find yourself paying a fortune in phone bills?

Due to excellent improvements to the VoIP solutions over the past few years, you can now benefit from upgrading to Grapevine MSP’s improved hosted phone solution. With our hosted phones, you will have reliable service, redundancy in the event of a power or internet outage and be able to harness the power of communication in your office today. Whether you have members of your team working remote or collaborating in the office, trust that the Grapevine MSP team will implement the right solution with hands on training.

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Get a world-class cloud phone system inside a single app

Empower your business by uniting all your important conversations on one simple platform.

By integrating the top business phone system with your current hardware and software, such as Salesforce, Google, and Microsoft, you can access work while on the go.

With 24/7 customer support via chat or phone, you can quickly add new lines, devices, offices, and remote teams.

Access the most comprehensive collection of features, analytics, and integrations offered by any cloud phone provider, all of which are intuitive to use.


Struggling to keep up with technology?

Poor Connection

Is the reliability and power of your internet connection slowing your business down?

Remote Working

With the new way of working forcing many to work from home, are you struggling to work effectively?

Old Technology

Are you let down by old school technology that can't keep up with the modern world?

High Costs

Is your business paying well over the odds for a sub-par service?

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We can solve these IT challenges for you.

  • Powerful Internet

    In this day and age, every business should be running through the very best connection. We rely on the internet, don’t slow yourselves down.

  • Low Cost Options

    We won’t charge you a fee on top of fee to install these services, and when you use them, you can rest with the peace of mind knowing you’re not racking up any more charges.

  • Optimized Technology

    With optimized technology, your VoIP system with us will never go down because too many calls are being made, but there won’t be more servers to take up more space, either.

  • Unlimited Options

    With VoIP, you can enjoy multiple headsets, endless calls and a huge variety of advanced features. Multi-tasking has never been so easy.

Let's start working together.

Technology is the driver to help your business evolve and overcome many operational challenges. 

Find out how we can help your business too by booking a free discovery call with our team today.

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