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What your IT provider should be providing – The Technological Approach

Previously, we explored what problems currently exist with IT support and how, because of these problems, IT providers predominantly are not providing the service promised to customers upon signing their contract.

IT support is traditionally static for the most part, but needs to be dynamic to stand a chance in our modern, constantly evolving and changing, workplace. Your current IT support fix problems when necessary – and I don’t doubt they do this very well, but this bare minimum approach to your IT is no longer good enough. Your IT provider’s main aim should be to align with your vision for the future of your organization (whether that be growth, customer awareness, downsizing, a higher web presence, or anything else). Whatever it is, it is your IT provider’s job to discuss the best possible methods of achieving that goal by using IT as an important part of it.

Your IT provider needs to approach your IT with a business mind as opposed to a tech one. Let’s explain this in more detail.


The business-minded technological approach

Experience in your sector

A great provider will have extensive knowledge of your sector, and their knowledge should always exceed that which you have in-house – after all, if they aren’t bringing expertise then what’s the point? They will take that expertise and hand it down to your team wherever possible – the more of your team that are educated the better – that way, even without an IT provider, you can be confident that you are still getting the most from your tools.


A cost-effective approach

A great provider will – according to your goals agreed when you began using their services – find the most cost-effective approach possible to help you achieve those goals. Despite COVID-19 changing the landscape we work in to almost unrecognisable levels, it is essential that your organization isn’t spending unnecessarily.


Staying one step ahead

Your IT provider should act as the fortune teller of your organisation. I don’t mean by looking into a crystal ball to see the future of your business – as nice as that would be – but by communicating with members of the team throughout your organisation. By doing this you can highlight any points of the workflow that need changing to boost productivity or perhaps because it poses a particularly high risk of being the cause of a cyber attack.

Traditional IT support served its purpose for a long time, and it did a good job of it. Obviously, the ability of your business to continue to trade under any circumstance is still just as important as it always has been. The only difference is we can leave this solely to technology now, as vital systems are able to manage themselves. However, IT support has changed drastically and now has an employee/ user centred approach. Technology makes it obvious as to why (if your employees have the right tools, know how to use them effectively, and are in constant contact with their provider about any potential changes that are in the pipeline) other parts of the business can take care of themselves.

Modern IT Support – Done right

Contact and communication

Communication with your provider is essential – without it you can guarantee that there will be parts of your IT that you simply aren’t using to its full potential.

Do not let them ‘entertain’ you. By this I mean do not accept a call just because they had to check if ‘everything’s alright’ – this is not good service. There is no excuse. Your IT provider should know better than anyone that with the technological advances of recent years there is no reason why an outstanding standard of clear concise communication is not possible, and should offer support, guidance, and education from wherever is necessary. Without this constant communication, how do you expect them to keep up with the changes to your workplace or your visions for the business?


IT that’s right for YOU

‘A catered approach’ and ‘personalized IT’ are two of the lies that most IT providers have been telling the public for years, but, for the most part, an IT provider would just sit back and relax, praying that the phone doesn’t ring and they don’t have to do some actual work.

In the current technological landscape, the above is now possible, because your IT provider can now work in unison with you to source and implement IT solutions that are guaranteed to help your business. Going into the future, IT is going to take even more of a front seat in the running of your organization – this is why utilising your IT is of the utmost importance.


Future planning

The norm with IT support previously was to call if there was a problem and they would try their best to remedy the issue, but most don’t realise that in today’s world this lackadaisical service simply won’t suffice. An IT provider should create a plan of action for all onboards that are due to take place, both now and into the future. This will allow you to align the different parts of your organization to create a streamlined workflow. A plan is essential, and a good one will guarantee that your entire team (no matter its size) is working toward the same goal.

Regulatory and compliance obligations

No matter what type of organization you run there are a set of regulatory or compliance obligations you must – by law – adhere to. The traditional approach to IT is a recipe for disaster in terms of compliance obligations, and the potential risks it poses to your organization could be severe.

With the existing industry experience your IT provider has, combined with the knowledge they have gained about your organization specifically, your IT provider will be more than clear on the regulatory or compliance obligations your organization must adhere to.

As we have highlighted, the importance of having a good relationship with a reputable, well equipped IT provider is essential if you want to succeed and compete with your competition going forward.

IT support – the right way

Business owners aren’t getting what they pay for when it comes to IT support – this simply isn’t acceptable. Our team offers a wide range of managed IT service plans specifically catered to fit your organisation’s needs whatever your budget. We utilise cutting edge technology to improve the efficiency of your business whilst simultaneously ensuring we adhere to your company ethos and the way that you like to do things. Get in contact and find out how we can work together to achieve your goals with IT as a powerful weapon in your arsenal.


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