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Three Myths Debunked about Blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to get your business noticed online. If you’re solely an online business, being noticed is essential in your success. Successful blogs gather followers fairly quickly, and each and every one of those followers is a potential client. Unfortunately, some people have the wrong idea about blogging. Here are three myths about blogging that are just not true.

Quantity is Important

You want to post more than once a month, yes – but what you don’t want to do is flood your blog with so much content that no one even has time to read it. Try limiting your blog posting only to times when you have something important and interesting to say. Even if you haven’t posted in a week or two, don’t just throw something up and say you’re done. Quality is much more important than quantity, so only post things you know people can use.

Someone Follows You When They Agree with You

Not everyone is the same, and that’s okay. But many bloggers think that people are following their blogs because they agree with their opinions. Even though it’s likely that the majority of your followers enjoy and agree with you the majority of the time, it’s simply not true for everyone. So if you suddenly start talking about something controversial, you’re going to lose followers. Stick to your common ground topics (especially since your blog should be on topic anyway) and don’t ruffle too many feathers.

Big Words are Impressive

You may have impressed people with your big words and large vocabulary in elementary school, but you won’t impress your blog audience in the same way. Showing off your vocabulary and expecting that it, alone, will win over any hearts is a huge mistake. Using words that aren’t in the general populace’s understanding will leave your audience confused and frustrated. Your content should be pleasurable to read, not challenging.

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