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The New iPad – An Excellent Tool for Anyone

The new iPad is an exceptional example of technology at its best. It’s sleek, fast, app friendly, and it has a great use for both businesses and personal lives. However, all these things are true about the iPad 2, too. So what makes the new iPad the must-have item of the year?

The iPad 3 isn’t actually much different from the iPad 2, but the few differences that are involved in the new iPad are excellent qualities for a tablet- the first being a crisper, sharper image. Apple has redesigned the screen to feature 3.1 million pixels, a 44{7e4ee7cd997d36f6dec43befd6b19c37edf0959bbf61766e988f901dd91e96d7} improvement over the iPad 2. This increase in pixels allows for better color saturation and sharper text. This also improves the graphics significantly on graphical applications – the colors pop and render faster, making it more enjoyable to play just about any game.

The business friendly StockTouch, Evernote’s Skitch for the iPad, provides a variety of interesting views of real-time market data. This application has been updated and upgraded for the iPad 3, and the update includes text, icons, and functionality upgrades, making it a cinch to watch just about any stock and take notes at the same time.
The new feature that contributes most heavily to the iPad 3’s extra $100 markup is the new processor, which has been upgraded to quad-core graphic processing that claims to run faster than NVIDIA’S newest processor, the quad-core Tegra 3. This helps many applications for the iPad 3 load with exceptional grace, and once they’re loaded, they run at the same speed and somewhat faster in some cases compared to the iPad 2.

The most remarkable upgrade of the iPad 3 is the camera. The camera’s picture quality has definitely had an upgrade from the blurry, low quality pictures of the iPad 2’s .07 megapixel camera. The new camera is in the 5 MP range, and this will take the fuzzy quality out of video conferencing through apps like WebEx, and will provide more personal users with a better camera to take quality pictures of every day events.

Overall, the iPad 3 does have a few new features that are excellent strives forward, and Apple’s technology continues to grow and thrive as features target both business executives and personal users. Plans are already in the works for the iPad 4, which is rumored to be even more exceptional than the iPad 3, but the world will just have to wait for news on that technology.

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