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Sprint to Release Galaxy Nexus on April 22nd

Google has been making Nexus phones for awhile now, but up to the 22nd, the contracts have only been with Verizon. But Sprint is about to change all of that with the launch of the Galaxy Nexus phone, Google’s newest phone and platform with a 4.65” AMOLED HD screen and Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich engine.

The new phone boasts a “pure Google” experience, meaning that Google made both the phone and the operating system (which is an upgraded Android 4.0 platform). Preorders have already begun, and the phone is priced at a reasonable $200 if you are eligible for a contract upgrade or you create a new line on your plan. Otherwise, like all phones, the Galaxy Nexus will run closer to $800 if you would like to purchase one without renewing a contract.

However, if you’re dappling in Google Wallet, you instantly get a $10 discount with the promise of another $40 given after you’ve had the phone activated for three weeks, making this phone a slim $149.99 before taxes.

This is Sprint’s first 4G LTE phone, and Sprint is also the last network to offer “truly unlimited” talk, text, and data plans without a hidden cap on how much data you can actually use before you start getting charged extra. The phone features cameras on both sides, and the 1.5 GHz dual-core Processor is actually a smidgen more powerful than Verizon’s 1.2 GHz that they released back in December.

This may begin the grand rush to Sprint’s network for business and personal phone needs alike, and hopefully Sprint can continue to offer the promise of unlimited data for one set price a month while hosting a 4G LTE phone with more to come from here.

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