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Samsung Losing in Court Could Help Microsoft’s Windows Phones

After the overwhelming positive ruling in Apple’s favor several days ago, Windows phones are suddenly looking quite appealing.

The decision made in court to favor Apple won’t stop at Samsung – it will ripple through the entire Google and associated Android community. Google’s Android system itself was found to have infringed on patents, from the “pinch zoom” to the “rubberband effect” when the top of a window has been reached. Though Samsung has been the only target thus far, several companies believe that Apple will be prosecuting several other handset and OS makers for infringing on similar patents.

All companies are under fire – except for Microsoft. Their new Windows smartphone doesn’t come close to resembling an iPhone, and their OS is “all their own creation.”

Though this incident alone won’t supply Microsoft with the lion’s share of the market by any stretch, it can use the legal battles to increase its own opposition to Apple. In addition to the lack of copyright infringement, Microsoft can also choose to license their OS out to handset makers that currently depend on the Android system.

Several companies have already started to show hesitation in using the Android system since Samsung’s defeat in court, and Windows has allegedly already started to work with these companies. It never hurts to have your eggs in more than one basket.

Microsoft Marketing Executive Bill Cox said it all in less than ten words on his Twitter account earlier this week: “Windows Phone is looking gooooood right now.”

All is not perfect in Microsoft’s world either, however. Currently the Windows manufacturer is dealing with patent cases against Motorola regarding their Xbox 360 console.

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