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Samsung Galaxy Hits 10 Million Sold Ahead of Schedule

The chief executive of Samsung predicted at the beginning of the year that the Galaxy S3 would hit over 10 million units sold by the end of July. It appears, however, that the phone has hit and passed this goal several weeks early. President Shin Jong-kyun of Samung’s information communication division revealed that the Android-powered phone had blasted past the 10 million sold milestone as of Sunday. According to the numbers, nearly 200,000 units have been sold every day for the past sixty days alone.

Part of the handset’s success is due to its wide availability; the phone is available at AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. It is currently one of the most popular phones on the mobile market, and such demand forced Sprint to delay the release of the smartphone until early this month, after it had been set for late June.

Since its release, Apple has been locked in a patent battle with Samsung over certain features that the Galaxy allegedly copies off of the iPhone. The Galaxy remains on shelves as of this moment because the lawsuit has been shelved temporarily, due to an overwhelming number of cases flooding the court systems. Google is also working to patch and fix the issues that Apple claims copies the iPhone’s technology.

The phone has received rave reviews and has nearly a five star rating among all carriers. It’s been called an “excellent, top-end phone,” with “high-performing hardware”.

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