The Valley’s Leading IT Company I Grapevine MSP Launches, a Branding App for Business is best known for their Marketing Cloud platform, and in the past few days they’ve introduced a completely new product that’s meant to supplement and support their main service: is part of an acquisition the company recently made of Buddy Media, a company that publishes content.

Now, there are three services that describe the Salesforce experience: Radian6, which “listens” to fans of your social media pages and shoots back statistics; Buddy Media, that publishes interesting content on social media pages; and, that is described as a “self-serve application” that can be used by companies, retailers, brands, and even advertisers themselves to help with managing social ad campaigns as well as developing them.

Salesforce says this is the first platform that connects social media ads with CRM tools so that the ads can be monitored, adjusted, and changed using the real-time data provides. Salesforce says that up until now, there hasn’t been any viable way to connect campaigns on social media platforms with real-time conversational data. And them was born.

Though isn’t in full bloom just yet, the beta seems promising. In about ten minutes, a company or individual can set up a social ad campaign that includes targeting metrics, where the campaign is going to be delivered, and budgeting options for those who may not have the amount of cash that may be required to run a full campaign.

Gordon Evans explained a little more about the idea behind at the product demo yesterday: “The idea is that we’re trying to bring agencies a lot closer with brands to make these campaigns easy and efficient.” is ready to take on clients as of today, but most of the features that define the site, such as real-time updates on your campaigns and CRM integration, aren’t set to launch until early summer.


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