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Power Automate – New feature spotlight

As we have mentioned previously, Microsoft 365 is the market leader in providing effective office and remote working tools for the masses. Many of us have used Microsoft tools throughout our careers and, for many, they are still as important when carrying out daily functions as all of them years ago. There are tools that Microsoft 365 has introduced that are revolutionary.

People around the world use Cloud services for nearly everything. In the past, it has been impossible to get them to work in unison and talk to one another. Power Automate makes this possible – you can create a workflow with a multi-step flow across a variety of applications.

Why check your email when you get a text message saying someone of importance has emailed you?

If, for example, someone tweets about your company. Power Automate makes it possible to set up a flow that follows them, sends them a reply, and adds them to a spreadsheet that gets emailed to you for your approval. It then inserts their contact details into your sales channel.

Power Automate also makes it possible for you to manage approvals on the go on your phone, by email, or on the web. This streamlined approval process works with data in SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Twitter, and over 100 other services.

Power Automate

Power Automate means less time spent on monotonous activities and more being as productive as possible.

Let us take a look at how Power Automate works.


Power Automate – How it works

The concept of business process automation is working from an initial trigger action, be that prescheduled or because of a prior human action. A series of pre-scripted steps will then take place. To ensure you have some control you can define your own parameters from which the automation will act.

Implementing Power Automate wherever possible should be at the top of your business methods for making the most of the workday. Utilising tools like Power Automate will give you and your staff time to do what really matters, be productive and do those tasks that only a human can do.


Want to ensure you use all the tools available?

We at Grapevine can ensure you get the correct tools for you and use them in the best way possible. We can assist you in automating work functions and supporting you in continuing to ensure they are in full working order. We will run a full consultation to find out what you and your business need to grow and thrive.

Contact us now for more detail.

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