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Not a Lot of Cash? Manage Your Social Media with These Tools

Many small businesses have to be very shrewd about how they spend their money, but they also can’t afford to skip out on the important social media management. However, it can be overwhelming to manage so many pages with such limited time. With that in mind, check out the following tools that have been designed with frugal businesses in mind.


Hoot Suite starts at free, and for more access for more people, prices start at around $10. Hoot Suite makes all of your social media profiles available in one place and allows the scheduling of posts. You can also view all of your social media feeds from a single location, and can post the same post to several platforms at once.


Viralheat is free for up to seven social media accounts, but jumps to $500 a month if you want to have more than that. There’s even an extension available for Chrome for free. Not only can you manage all of your social media pages, you receive massive amounts of analytics, URL shortening through, and you can schedule posts as well. The best feature of Viralheat allows you to post something that is geo-targeted without allowing other audiences to see it.


Jugnoo’s free version is incredibly extensive. You can have up to 20 social media accounts and three manager accounts. All accounts have access to the web, social media (and Google) analytics, and Facebook stats through the application. If you want to attach more accounts or add more team members, it’s only an extra twenty bucks a month.  This lesser-known option is so cheap because it recently came out of beta and does have the occasional hiccup, but the rich media embeds and quality link previews make up for it.

Social media tools, even when your business is small, are essential to the success that you experience. Make sure you choose the right one for you by carefully considering all of your options.

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