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Is Your Intellectual Property Safe?

Intellectual property is one of the hardest things to guard, especially in a world where a person can save a piece and host it on their own server and never be discovered. In America alone, there is over $5.8 trillion worth of it, and millions of dollars of intellectual property are stolen every day. This means that if you own your own business it’s important to protect it the best you can. Here are a few ways to do so.

Check for Thieves Often

Checking to see if anyone has stolen your stuff once every two years isn’t going to go very far in making sure your property is secure. Have a few of your valued team members monitor your data online every day, and have them report any issues immediately to you or their superior so you can fix the issue immediately. This way, you can stop issues before they even really have a chance to start.

Involve Everyone

Don’t just have a select few people in on the protection of your IP. Make sure everyone that works for you is up-to-date and in the loop. Schedule regular meetings to talk to everyone about the importance of confidentiality, and include a blip or two about it every time you send out a newsletter or hold a special event. If everyone’s updated, the chances of you discovering a thief are much higher.

Always Keep a Lookout

Just because nothing has happened for a few months doesn’t mean that you should let your guard down. More people access information on the web daily than ever before, which means more opportunities for people to steal your property. It takes more than paperwork and legal processes. Be proactive and educate yourself and your team.

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