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How Can VoIP Benefit Small Businesses?

It wasn’t long ago that VoIP systems were considered a “different” type of business telephone system. However, the pandemic changed that. Now, internet-based phone systems aren’t just the norm. Business continuity requires them.

In the wake of the pandemic, VoIP and video conferencing have skyrocketed by over 210%. The reason for this is largely due to the move to remote work and hybrid offices. In a survey of surveyed companies, 67 percent said switching to VoIP improves their ability to handle calls.

As a result, the business phone system is no longer tied to a physical location. With a staff spread across multiple locations, this allows fluid management of the business.

Additionally, VoIP reduces business costs significantly. This technology is much cheaper to use than a traditional landline. It is also often cheaper to subscribe to a calling plan, and the cost of adding new numbers is relatively low.

Small businesses can benefit from VoIP’s many features. However, owners are busy and may not have time to enable all of them.

How can we increase efficiency, productivity, and positive caller experiences?

You can leverage these cloud-based business phone features to your advantage.

Automated Attendant

Small companies often have more than one person answering the phone. With an automated attendant, you can free up that person’s time and give the caller a better experience.

An auto-attendant serves as a directory for a company. Calls are forwarded to the appropriate department or staff member for you. Ask the caller a few questions and record a pleasant greeting. You might say, “Press 1 for sales, 2 for technical support,” etc.

Without explaining why they are calling twice, the caller gets what they need.

Find Me/Follow Me

What is the most popular VoIP feature among users? 77% of employees surveyed chose Find Me/Follow Me. This includes the ability to use a virtual phone number that is accessible from all devices. It is also easy for staff to transfer calls between devices.

You can receive your calls whether you are on a PC, in a conference room, or on your smartphone. This feature reduces friction and allows people to give out one phone number. Using that number, callers can reach the person via mobile, home office, or onsite office.

Hold Music

It might seem insignificant to play pleasant music while your callers are on hold. It can, however, have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and lead generation.

In a study comparing hold music to silence, we discovered some eye-opening statistics. In the study, researchers kept participants on hold for 1 minute. The results were as follows:

  • On hold in silence: Over 50% of the callers hung up
  • On hold with music: Only 13% of the callers hung up

Additionally, 45% of the silent group that did not hang up thought they had been on hold for 3-5 minutes. One minute was all they were on hold for. 56% of music listeners thought they were on hold for less than a minute.

The power of activating that one simple feature of your VoIP system is clear. There may be fewer leads hanging up before reaching someone and happier customers.

Voicemail Transcription to Email

Going through a string of voicemails after a meeting can be frustrating. To figure out who to call back first, you must listen to each one.

In VoIP services, voicemails are emailed to you as recorded messages. The message is also transcribed. The email and text can be quickly scanned to rank callbacks. There is no need to listen to every message first.

Ring Groups

A ring group is particularly useful if you have a small team. A group of numbers can ring simultaneously until someone picks up.

Rather than leaving a message, another staff member may be able to assist a caller. You can set up ring groups for sales teams, accounting teams, and customer service teams.

Call Reporting

One of the benefits of VoIP phone systems over analog systems is that you get real-time call reporting. What are your busiest times when you need more employees? Is it a problem that your calls are not answered quickly enough?

You can gain insight into these things and more through your call reporting. Check out these reports and automate the ones you like so you’ll see them regularly.

Local Support

The feature isn’t part of the system, but it’s important to have. You won’t get local support if you sign up for VoIP from a company halfway around the world.

It is important to have someone who can come to your office. In addition to setting up VoIP desk phones, they can help you optimize your ring groups, mobile apps, and other features.

One of the most important pieces of technology you have is your business phone system. Ensure you have the local support you need.

Looking for Local VoIP Solutions?

Expert VoIP services and local support are available. Our cloud-based phone system can be integrated with your entire technology environment.  Get a free consultation with us today.

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