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Grapevine MSP Technology Services and LANPRO Systems Unite to Form a Powerhouse IT Service Organization in California’s San Joaquin Valley

Grapevine MSP Technology Services and LANPRO Systems, two prominent Managed IT Service Companies in Bakersfield, California, are excited to announce their merger, creating the premier IT service entity in the San Joaquin Valley. This strategic alliance leverages the combined experience, expertise, and resources of both firms to provide exceptional IT services to clients across the region.

The merger of Grapevine MSP Technology Services and LANPRO Systems signifies a pivotal moment in the Bakersfield IT industry, united by a common goal of delivering superior IT solutions and support. The fusion of these two forces combines the wealth of knowledge and years of practice, forming a powerhouse adept at meeting the diverse technological needs of San Joaquin Valley businesses.

The outcome is an unrivalled offering encompassing IT solutions, proactive Managed IT Services, Network Infrastructure Management, Cloud Computing, Data Backup and Recovery, and Cybersecurity.


This synergy enables Grapevine MSP Technology Services and LANPRO Systems to blend their best practices, technologies, and approaches, resulting in a streamlined and optimized suite of IT services. Clients stand to benefit from an extensive pool of combined expertise and a comprehensive array of solutions designed to elevate efficiency, reliability, and security.

Joe Gregory, President and CEO of Grapevine MSP Technology Services, highlighted the significance of this partnership, stating:

“Our collaboration marks a momentous stride for both our organizations and the business community of San Joaquin Valley. By joining our strengths, we have forged an unparalleled IT service entity within the region. Our clients gain access to a broader spectrum of expertise, expanded resources, and a steadfast commitment to delivering the utmost service excellence.”


The merger of Grapevine MSP Technology Services and LANPRO Services is set to redefine the IT landscape in the San Joaquin Valley. With a dedicated team of skilled professionals, the organization will offer end-to-end IT solutions tailored to the unique demands of businesses across diverse sectors.

Chris McGlasson, former owner of LANPRO and newly appointed Vice President of Business Development for Grapevine MSP Technology Services, emphasized the client-centric approach that will continue and be strengthened by the partnership, stating:

 “Client satisfaction has always been the cornerstone of our respective companies, and we are excited to continue this legacy as a united force. Our clients can expect a seamless transition, uninterrupted service, and the assurance that their IT requirements will be met with unwavering dedication and unmatched expertise.”


Grapevine MSP Technology Services will retain its existing management and ownership, with the LANPRO team transitioning under the Grapevine MSP Technology Services name. With both entities coming together to expand from strength-to-strength, this is an exciting moment in the Californian IT service industry that is set to offer enhanced empowerment to businesses across the San Joaquin Valley region and beyond.

About Grapevine MSP Technology Services

Grapevine MSP Technology Services, a leading Managed IT Service Company in Bakersfield, specializes in delivering comprehensive IT solutions to businesses of all sizes. Renowned for their excellence and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Grapevine MSP Technology Services has built a reputation for providing top-tier IT services. For more information, visit

About LANPRO Systems

Celebrating their 20th year in business, LANPRO Systems has established itself as a trusted provider of Managed IT Services in Bakersfield, offering innovative IT solutions to businesses spanning diverse industries. With an emphasis on proactive support and cutting-edge technologies, LANPRO Systems is recognized as a premier IT service provider in the region.

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Grapevine MSP and LANPRO Systems are excited to announce their merger!


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