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Ensuring best cyber security practices for your SMB – The methods of attack

The cyber security of your organization – in the technologically dominated world that we operate in – should be at the very top of your business concerns. Most people have access to internet connected devices; this means that they should also have – at the very least – a basic knowledge of cyber security. Arguably, with the technological advancements that have developed over recent years, your cyber security concerns should be equal to – or perhaps even greater than – the concerns you have for the physical security of your organization. I mean, you wouldn’t just leave the front door open at the end of the work day, would you? Well, that is just what some are doing with their digital landscape.

With the untold amount of web connected devices, we have in our homes and workplace, it is hardly surprising that criminals are taking the opportunity and, to a certain extent, perceived anonymity that comes with a cyber attack. The more web connected devices you have the more vulnerable you are to become a victim. However, regardless of the number of devices you have, the main reason people become victims is through a severe lack of knowledge regarding the methods that cyber criminals utilize to perform their attacks.

This article, and the one following, will highlight the different methods used by criminals to target your organizations. We will also explore some cyber security fundamentals that will stop attacks in their tracks before they have the chance to do damage.


The methods of attack


Ransomware locks and encrypts your data. The cyber criminals then demand a ransom under the promise that they will return your access and then leave you be. Cyber criminals use urgency to force you into paying the ransom – they set time limits on payments and threaten to delete the files if the payment isn’t paid promptly within the demanded time limit.

‘I’ll just pay what they want – it isn’t worth losing my data’, and that is a fair point to make, but do you really think you are going to be given access back just because they promised? Of course you won’t! Paying would be a big mistake, because, once having paid, you are simply letting the criminals know that you have the funds to pay them again.



A Phishing attack is when a cyber criminal poses as someone else in fake/ fraudulent emails in order to gain access to private information.

Phishing Emails carry the malicious links that are key to the cyber criminal’s attack being a success. The cyber criminal assumes a false identity as the recipient of the emails bank or a trusted source – the cyber criminal will bring a sense of time sensitivity in the contents of their message, in turn forcing the recipient to make a decision quickly and – ideally for the cyber criminal – on a whim, meaning they haven’t had time to confirm the validity of the source. If the rouse is believed the recipient will click the email and its attachments – unfortunately making the attack a success.



Smishing is the same method used by the cyber criminals as with Phishing scams – the only difference is that they take place on the medium of SMS messaging.



Malware causes damage, destruction, and chaos on your system – its aim is to steal your data. Unlike other cyber attacks, Malware attacks are often orchestrated and managed by a group of cyber criminals who are looking to make money by either selling the software on the Dark Web for others to use or by spreading the Malware themselves.

These are just some of the most common forms of cyber attack, but they all have the power to potentially incapacitate your business if not noticed, managed, and stopped in their tracks at the first possible opportunity. It is essential that you equip your systems – and arguably most importantly your team – with the tools and education needed to beat them.

In the following article we will explore the cyber security fundamentals that can ensure your business is as secure as possible.


Your small business – secured

At Grapevine, our team of dedicated engineers can meet any technical challenge you may come across. We take our time in getting to know you, your business, employees, and your goals for the future so we can then find the best technological solution for you to guarantee constant security. Our years of experience leave us primed and ready with all the tools needed to ensure a top-quality service, now and into the future. Contact our team and let us start our journey together today.

Contact our team and let us start our journey together today.


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