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Don’t Spend Your Days Working on Something You Hate

The worst thing you can do for yourself and your company is doing something, over and over again, that you hate. Let’s say you’re doing something that you hate to make money. You don’t like it, even a little – but you do it because it brings a paycheck. Instead of continuing because you want to make some cash, change your strategy – and change it today.

Change Your Focus

First, look at the literature and website of your company. What don’t you enjoy doing? If you have a distinct answer, remove it from your website. You may think this will start to lose you business, but in reality, it should start to pick up. If you truly enjoy the kind of work you do, then it’s likely you’ll produce better quality writing, and people will enjoy your services more (which means more referrals and more business overall). You’ll also find new excitement in every project you take on because you know it’s not going to be a miserable assignment.

Don’t Be Afraid to Narrow the Kind of Client You Take on

Instead of constantly trying to expand the kind of service you do as a small company, don’t be afraid to narrow your niche. If you do one thing better than another, it’s important to appeal to that strength and use it to build your company. There’s always time for expansion later when you can hire someone else to do that thing that you dislike doing. For now, stick to what you enjoy. You’ll find you’ll be much more productive.

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