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Cyber Security and the importance of good training

In the modern technological age that we live in, cyber security should be at the very top of your concerns. Cyber criminals are no longer the typical tech geniuses residing in a dark room with ten monitors as they were once projected. With the capabilities of new technology, cyber attacks can now be carried out by anyone – IT literate or not. With the current state of world business, and the ever-increasing reliance on technology, the number of businesses being attacked annually has risen by an astonishing 67% since 2014¹ and even more astounding are statistics showing that 64% of companies worldwide have already been a victim².

In the following two articles we will explore how your users are the first line of defence for your system, and then, with that knowledge, look at the Grapevine’s Security Awareness Training to help you manage the ongoing problem of social engineering and ensure that your team are equipped with the knowledge they need to operate safely on your systems.


Cyber security is important – No matter the size of your organization

It is common to hear in modern business comments such as ‘cyber attacks are on the rise’, ‘preparation is key – a cyber attack could ruin your business’, ‘spend whatever is necessary on cyber defences’ – but what no one ever follows these statements with is an explanation – why? Why is it so important?

Technology is the lifeblood of modern business, because without it you stand very little or no chance of producing goods, services, or a quality of service that will allow your business to be a success. Like anything that has the power to revolutionize our lives, there are – of course – problems that come with it.

Our reliance on technology has opened the floodgates to a new, modern generation of cyber criminals – with control or even just access to your systems they have the power to do potentially business-defining damage to the infrastructure of your entire organization.

In the modern age it would be fair to say that your cyber security is more important than your physical security, bearing in mind that the likelihood of a cyber attack is far greater than a physical one. Although this is the case, many business owners don’t spend enough time preparing their systems for the eventuality of a cyber attack – their systems are often left far too vulnerable to exploitation by cyber criminals. The extensive efforts that all of us go to in physically defending our properties from the risk of criminals should be mirrored in our efforts against cyber criminals. One of – if not the – most important point of security in any organization is the human aspect – they are often referred to as your ‘Human Firewall’ and, if trained correctly, they have the power to act as the first – and most effective – line of security for your systems.

The Human Firewall

You may think that not investing enough in the correct technological security measures for your business would be the main reason as to why your business is under risk of attack, and you would – to a point – be right, but perhaps what may be more important is your Human Firewall, because if your team are not competent with their role in the security of your system the ramifications could be disastrous.

You spend money on various technological measures to protect your system and have been guaranteed that they are more than capable of doing the job they were intended to do – but this is only guaranteed if they are used correctly and your system is navigated as securely as possible. This is where your team come in – if they navigate the system with little training then they act as a crack in the armour that is the security of your system. With a lot of cyber attacks just needing a click in the right place, or authorization from someone with access privileges, to enable the attack to begin, your team must be educated in the different kinds of attacks as well as how to stop them in their tracks.

In our next article we will explore Grapevine’s cyber security awareness program, and see how – by your team undertaking it – they will be better prepared for what the technological world can throw at them.


Cyber security through the training of your team

Are you concerned that your systems are not cyber secure? Is your team properly educated on cyber security? Need some help? Grapevine can guide you to a future in which you no longer need to be concerned about the security of your digital landscape. Our years of experience ensure we are primed and ready with all the tools needed to ensure a top-quality service, now and into the future.

Contact our team and let us start our journey together today.


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