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Creating the Perfect Twitter Profile

You might think profiles aren’t very important, but they’re integral in properly representing your company. While your manager might take a century to figure out what to put up, customers won’t take nearly as long to judge you – if something impresses them or insults them, they’ll share with everyone and anyone they know. If you don’t have your profile together, it’s unlikely you’ll get the kind of traffic and business you might expect off of good publicity, and you also won’t have a solid wall against bad publicity when it comes your way.

Twitter is the second largest platform in the world, and it’s actually talked about more than Facebook. Getting your Twitter profile done the right way is essential in marketing, especially if your business has no physical location. Here are a couple of tips to help you get started

Good Username

If you don’t have a username that a) grabs the attention of your audience and b) relates directly to your business, you won’t make any sales from Twitter. People won’t even know who you are, much less want to buy from you. Think up a couple of names and consult others to see if they’re appropriate and interesting enough to finalize. If you can manage, your Twitter handle should be the same or very similar to the one you use for Facebook and other social media websites.

Thoughtful Profile Pic

When you can’t think of anything else, your logo is good enough. It will help those who are looking for you identify you without any trouble. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean your only choice is your logo. In addition, if you do want your page to stand out, changing your background to something interesting may be a better choice that changing your default profile picture.

Snappy, Whimsical Bio

A bio that just talks about where your company started really isn’t worth the time it takes to write. You also shouldn’t copy the one off your website. Make your biography unique, snappy, and fun. You can even add a keyword or two, as long as you do it in a natural way, to help attract buyers and interested parties via search engine optimization.

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