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The Truth about Cybersecurity in Businesses

Yes, it’s a fact: even the most vigilant businesses with top-notch cybersecurity measures can fall victim to breaches. However, these incidents are markedly rarer. The bulk of breaches happen to businesses that overlook fundamental cybersecurity practices.

It’s tempting to point fingers at IT departments. Many say, “I’m no expert in cybersecurity. I trust my IT team for guidance!” This stance is valid, but only if you’re heeding their advice and taking action based on their recommendations.

Take multi-factor authentication (MFA) as an example. MFA prevents a staggering 99% of identity-based attacks. Despite this, numerous businesses dismiss its implementation even when their IT team proposes it. Consider this: banks have made MFA mandatory to access critical information. Shouldn’t the data of your business be accorded the same importance?

Most cybersecurity breaches arise from easily preventable situations:

  • Delayed Patches and Updates: Picture these as punctures needing mending. If not addressed promptly, they offer an open invitation for cyberattacks.
  • Open RDP Ports: Even if the technicalities elude you, understand that exposed ports are like leaving your front door ajar. Check with your service provider on this crucial point.
  • Lack of Multi-factor Authentication: Beyond a mere password, MFA offers another verification layer. A minor delay during login can stave off extended periods of system recovery and business disruption.
  • Absence of GEO-IP Restrictions: Do you frequently transact with countries far removed from your primary operations, like China or Russia? If the answer is no, it’s wise to restrict access from these regions. Such a strategy deters numerous cyber adversaries, prompting them to seek easier targets.

Granted, the world of cybersecurity can be intricate. But, many solutions are straightforward and rooted in common sense. Instituting these measures lays a strong foundation for your business’s cybersecurity posture.

Prioritize these basic yet impactful cybersecurity measures. If you’re collaborating with a proactive IT provider, value their advice. Their recommendations aren’t a sales pitch; they aim to shield your business, uphold its reputation, and safeguard their professional standing.

If you’re interested in an overview of essential cybersecurity practices, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our specialists are ready to assist with a 30-minute comprehensive review.

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