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6 Facebook Advertising Angles

hosting-facebook-marketing-logo-300x225Social media advertising has many advantages and multiple uses. Ads may be employed as a lead generation tactic or perhaps a direct driver of sales. Facebook is continually reorganizing ad offerings, and is now tailoring promotion around social actions such as checking in to a location/business or liking ads and pages. The social network is trying to serve content that is relevant. In the end, it is the user experience that will drive ads.

For a business, the primary goal is to drive users to their websites and convert visitors into customers. Here are 6 approaches for using Facebook ads.

  1. App installs. Facebook marketing can be used to directly target the users you want. The Facebook app Install Ads is a new feature to monetize their mobile market. Still affordable, has good conversion rates and is easy to use. This tool is ideal if you know your user and the budget to pay per user; this could be an ideal platform to increase app installs.
  2. Ads by conversion. A solid strategy for ultra-targeted user acquisition on specific products or services. Experiment with hundreds of different images that direct to various landing pages. Zero in on the combination that has a high conversion. The more successful images and landing pages can be re-used with greater success.
  3. Ads for email list. Grow mailing lists at an affordable rate. Identify the specific user, understand what they need, then target advertising to that user for what they want for free. The only cost is they must share their email address. Email addresses can also be drawn from contest entries.
  4. Tracking pixel. Facebook released a snippet of code for advertisers to track customer. Your business can now identify which customers are visiting the website from a Facebook ad. Tracking information can identify which ads were most successful in driving traffic and converting visitors to customers.
  5. Ads for research. Advertising money can be used to form a Facebook discussion group. The real value of the group is to better understand the problem your business is solving. This information can then be used to tailor your content and business offerings.
  6. Ad retargeting. Facebook retargeting is a cost-effective way to market to potential customers who have visited your site, but did not make a purchase. An opportunity is created to bring the customer back to your site, to simply keep you brand at the top of their mind.

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