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3 Tips to Help Your Newsletter Stay Out of the Spam Folder

1102034_mailOne of the worst things that can happen to your email campaign is that it dies simply because you are spam-boxed. When you employ an email marketing campaign correctly, it can bring new clients and more money to your company before you know it. However, an email blast can also get your company labeled as a spammer, and you might never be seen by most of the people that subscribed to you again.

The key to developing the correct marketing campaign is knowing a bit about what to put into an email blast before you send it out. Here are just a few quick tips to get you started.

Check Our Your Content

One of the first things a spam checker will do is take a gander at the coding of your layout. Email scammers often include HTML that you can’t see, but will damage your computer if clicked on or viewed in a certain way. A good way to avoid being spam boxed is starting with a solid layout that doesn’t look malicious to a spam detector, which may mean hiring a professional or someone that knows what they’re doing.

In addition, take a good look at your actual content. Not only should it make sense, it should be useful for those you plan on encouraging to read it. The most successful campaigns are those that focus less on the purpose of the company and more on helpful tips and tricks that the end user can actually use.

Avoid Spam Trigger Words

Email providers have started to get smarter about spam, which means that most spam detectors now look for specific words and phrases in titles and in the email body. If the keyword is found and the email meets other criteria, the message may go straight to the spam box. A few of the words that are red flagged are words like “no fees” and “cheap”, as well as exclamation marks and certain characters in subject lines.

Test Before You Send Out

Have you tested your email on a small scale? You don’t even need to send it to potential clients. You can just send it to people you know or who are in your niche. You can even run the email through a spam solution email filter to see if you’d be caught when the email was sent. Also, remember to test the email on different browsers, including Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. If the content looks funny, then it’s unlikely someone will open it whether it makes it to their inbox or not.

The real key to a successful campaign is trial and error and the more knowledge about how email and the Internet works. Keep researching to find the right solution for your company so that your email blasts can be successful.

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