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Xtex’s My Tablet: An Incredibly Cheap Alternative to Competitors

Tablets can easily cost $800-$1000 out the door, especially if you opt for more space and buy some applications once you get home to help you with work or pleasure. The price doesn’t end there; it costs cash to connect that new tablet to the internet, especially if you bought one on contract from a cell phone company.

However, Xtex is attempting to change all of that with their My Tablet. This unique tablet comes in exactly one size – seven inches – and is fully loaded with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3, which is one of Google’s newest Android platforms. It also comes loaded with 16 gigabytes, and if that’s not enough for you, you can pump more into it via a TF card slot that can get you all the way up to almost 50 gigabytes of available memory. Even though a 1.5Ghz CPU and 1 gig of RAM doesn’t seem incredibly impressive, it would usually be incredibly well-suited for usage for just about anyone.

However, the device does come with a 2MP front-facing camera (which is over double of the iPad 2’s megapixels), an HDMI output and several USB ports. You can only hook this tablet up to WiFi networks and your screen resolution isn’t in HD, but you still get to choose the outer casing cover color (white, black, and pink are standard, but other colors can be ordered as well).

Xtex used the same outershell for the Zync Z990 released in India, but that was done to save money, and the company states that “all the parts and etc are completely different from the Zync.”

But this little tablet is half the price of any other tablet on the market, and would make a great investment for the casual tablet user or even the business owner who needs a digital secretary for their needs. If expectations are kept reasonable, the Xtex My Tablet could make a great investment for anyone.

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