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Why working remotely will be the norm after COVID

Covid-19 changed the way of working. Most people, due to lockdown, were forced to move to remote working. It proved to be effective, even though there were some exceptions. The pandemic turned the whole world upside down.

Many employers are sure that despite a number of errors, which accompanied the massive transfer of staff to remote work, this format will not only take root but for thousands of companies and professionals will be the only acceptable. No one will give up their former offices, but over time businesses will have to decide how to use them further.


Office vs Home

Many people will not return to the office: they liked the work remotely because it allowed them to combine it with normal life and communicate more with their family. But there are those who are dissatisfied with it – they do not want to sit at home next to spouses, mother-in-law, and cats. Most likely, a hybrid version combining different functions will take root.

According to the expert, employers will not only have to adjust the culture of corporate communication to remote or hybrid options but also seriously think about how to use the office space in the future. After all, the previous format, when the office was “sharpened” exclusively for business, now may not suit those who the last couple of months “went” to work in home slippers.

There are enviable examples: in the central office of Google there are not only rooms for work, but also… pool, park with sports ground (including beach volleyball). And also an apiary and a vegetable garden.

After so many people were staying home, multitasking became more rampant. People were starting to trade as the markets were in disarray and trying to learn more and more about currencies in particular. Forex trading has become an activity where people were using resources-both financial and analytical to earn more money. They were looking for trends, news, and Forex market news here is available to everyone and you can find out more about market trends.

During Covid-19 we have seen a surge in trading. But we should note that the trading process is not carried out without additional instruments. Trading software carries an incredible value for any trader. They are equipped with tools that make trading way simplers. MetaTrader and trading software like cTrader platform, are assistants that make the trading process easier. Trading will only gain popularity after Covid – people know it is effective.

In this regard, it is likely that the staff schedules will change: instead of strict “from now on” over time, specialists will increasingly be offered either a “floating” option or a free one. “If the result is achieved with the right quality and in the agreed time frame, no one will sit in the office,” the analysts said. But the choice between the employee’s house and the present place, equipped with billiards, apiary and vegetable garden, the employer, obviously, will make in favor of the first.


Respecting the personal, promote the common

The practice of self-isolation has shown that if there are high-quality communication and suitable working conditions in a remote format, not only programmers or managers, but even scientists can work effectively. However, it is still difficult to do without “live” communication.

Remotely you can work from anywhere in the world, so there is no need to look for vacancies exclusively in the region of residence. At the same time, it divides such offers into places requiring training and those vacancies where experience and special education are not so important. The first group, for example, includes places for programmers, developers, 3D designers, HTML-scientists, or professions from the field of digital marketing. And in the second – vacancies of specialists of reference service or online support, decipherers of audio files, etc.

According to various companies, the efficiency of the “remotes” has not fallen, and in some areas has even increased. Projects that require silence have shifted. There is more freedom and understanding that in the end, it doesn’t matter where the specialist works – the main thing is how he does it: managers evaluate not his presence on the web, but the effectiveness of tasks.

At the same time, experts emphasize that there are fears that so far the results of the work on the remote are based on “old fuel”, including the experience of previous personal communication. If this format of work will develop, it is very important not to lose the team spirit and cohesion that is typical for modern companies.

There is experience of transferring to remote and in much larger companies. This format of employment has not been practiced in many companies, so the transition to it was not easy. It turned out that someone at home does not have a computer, and someone has a bad connection – all problems were solved individually.

The employers had to seriously restructure the entire information system, as well as develop a lot of recommendations on how to work effectively from home and properly share working and personal time. Now polls show that 80% of those who have been transferred to remote work are satisfied with their position.


Online has no boundaries

However, it is not only many people who have been employed who will have to adapt to new trends.

There are no problems with the technology: now there are about a dozen services that allow you to organize and monitor the reception and work of employees remotely. Seekers should also be ready for employment both in the traditional way and through the Internet.

Accordingly, they need to be able to use suitable applications for this and understand how to behave in this case. For employers, the task of hiring is complicated by the fact that communication with the candidate in a number of cases will take place indirectly: the choice will have to be made more by applicant’s “trace” in the virtual world, rather than on objective characteristics. And it is more difficult to control a remote employee than working in an office.

Online has no boundaries, and if there are some downsides, it has many significant advantages. Those who know how to work online are now on the horse. And those who can’t learn it. At least in order not to fall into the sediment.


The bottom line

More and more countries are fond of the idea to continue to work remotely. Covid-19 will disappear eventually. However, it is likely that in the near future, such concepts as remote and combined employment will be enshrined.

That is where we come in.


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