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Why It’s Important to Put Money into Your Graphics

When it comes to websites, people aren’t made of patience. The time someone clicks the link to your website to the time they decide that you aren’t for them is about six seconds. If they’re bored or uninterested, they won’t stay even if what you have to offer is exactly what they need. This is why graphics are so important – they are a visual representative of your website and your company, and will likely be one of the first things your potential client sees. Here are a couple of tips on how to use your graphic designs to make your website pop.

Pay Attention to Color

Colors are the first thing that someone sees, and it’s what usually draws a viewer to an advertisement, book, or website. They create the very first second or two of impression. Colors alone will convince people to buy a product or a brand, and colors can make people feel sad, nostalgic, or even whimsical and child-like again. For example, red, orange, blue and black are mostly used by fast food businesses because those particular colors, research says, are what trigger impulse buyers.

Make it Interesting

Visual stimulation isn’t an easy thing, but it’s powerful if you manage to get it right. It takes a mere three seconds to interest someone enough to keep looking around your website. This means that your entire deal could depend on a single image on your website. Use high quality graphics and images, and don’t just pull them off of some stock site. Make them interesting!

Be Consistent

Another good argument for staying away from stock sites is because nothing from them really matches. Your graphics and colors should be consistent across ALL mediums, including your website, business cards, pamphlets, and any advertisement you choose to do. The more consistent you are, the more likely people are going to remember what your business looks like.

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