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What is Important on Facebook Other Than Engagement?

Facebook engagement is important, no doubt. Just having a Facebook is simply not good enough in today’s world. Fans want to be entertained, appreciated, and interested by your company’s statuses and posts. However, there are some things that trump Facebook engagement, and they’re important to be aware of while you build your brand.

Is Facebook for You?

Facebook is certainly a powerful tool for any company, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best tool for everyone. It takes time, a good writer, and a fair amount of advertising to build up a Facebook page. Then you have to constantly engage your audience with interesting content several times a day to make any real impact. It’s a lot of work if you’re doing it on your own without another company’s help.

Some audiences that a company needs to target are simply not Facebook users. If your Facebook just isn’t cutting it, have you asked yourself “am I targeting the right audience?” Even Twitter has a completely different following and feel to it, and many businesses find more success using both platforms than just one. Also, consider if your audience would use Facebook at all. If you sell yarn based products, places like Pinterest and Etsy may be better places to look for fans.

Location Targeting

If you hail from Allen, TX, and have local stores there, chances are your business has a grassroots following from that area. In the same way that you would take advantage of that and customize your advertising messages to please those particular groups, customize your Facebook. Facebook even makes it easy for you by providing a geographic targeting feature. The feature is useful because you can target certain regions with campaigns and promotions without creating a new Facebook. This way, you can please all your audiences without presenting irrelevant content to a place that a promotion is not being held.

Taking Advantage of Free Apps

When it comes right down to it, your budget is more important than engaging your fans. If you’re wasting tons of cash just trying to get their interest, you’ve got it all wrong. The payback for every dollar you spend will be minimal, and you want as much bang for your buck as you can manage. Programs like Instagram are free and can create interesting and fun content for your audience to enjoy. You don’t need to hire a professional to do graphic design for you, or any professional content at all. Using a set of well-known free tools can help you keep your Facebook budget to a minimum.

While engaging your Facebook fans is an important aspect to consider, it’s even more important to consider what steps you have to take to keep your Facebook going (if you choose to have one).

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