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Want More Blog Traffic?

Blogs are everywhere. Blogs are independent, blogs are on websites, blogs are on Facebook, blogs are on pretty much everything. Sometimes this means that attracting an audience can be exceedingly difficult. Competition is a good thing, but too much competition means you won’t ever actually see any traffic. To generate traffic, sometimes you have to use all of the resources available to you. One of those resources is social media. But before you use social media to broadcast your blog, you have to know what you’re doing first.

Find a Niche

If you want to generate interest in you blog on places like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, you have to first know what you’re writing about and which niche you’re targeting. You should “join” the crowd you choose to target as well. A good example is a website like The website encourages people to share their ideas and information about music. If your chosen niche is music, then you can use websites like that to your advantage. You should be able to find other websites in your niche without a whole lot of research, too.

Forming an Online Persona

You may think that you’re exciting enough, and you probably are. But that doesn’t mean your online persona has to be just like you. Having a unique personality and voice online will make you stand out more, especially in a crowded niche. Consider who reads your blog, and what you would think they would be interested in. Make sure what you write and how you write it would appeal to someone in that group.

Update a Lot

Updating is important, and if you aren’t doing it on at least a bi-weekly basis, you better have a darn good excuse. Posting your most recent blog entry on Facebook and social media platforms is a great way to start driving traffic to your website, especially if the information you post is interesting and otherwise entertaining.

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