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VoIP Phone Systems – A Step by Step Guide

VoIP has rapidly become one of the most popular phone solutions for both casual and business use on the planet. VoIP uses the internet to make phone calls, providing the user with a very affordable alternative to traditionally expensive landline telephones. In this article we will explore what VoIP is, how VoIP phones work, and why it is the obvious choice for business owners the world over.

What is VoIP?

As we just explained, VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) is a phone system that uses the internet to make and receive phone calls. It is also referred to as Internet Telephony (IP) or, in some cases, Cloud-based telephony. VoIP phones allow you to talk on the phone as you normally would but instead your call is transmitted through your internet connection. A lot of phone systems in offices look identical to landlines but, in reality, they couldn’t be more different in the way they work.


How do VoIP phones work?

This can be quite difficult to understand so, in simple terms, sound waves (your voice) are converted into digital data. “Why bother?”, I hear you say. Well, this enables people to use the Internet as a communication method for phone calls, opening doors to levels and standards of communication that couldn’t even be imagined a few years ago.

The majority of businesses will use a communication centre to organize the phones within the company’s network. These centres are known as Private Brand Exchange systems (PBX). A PBX system is a totally private telephone network that uses the local area network to connect to the public telephone network, in the process allowing calls to be made and received – it sounds complicated but it isn’t really. PBX systems now allow calls to be made using VoIP technology; this newer system is known as IP PBX (or VoIP PBX).

VoIP PBX allows users to have one network for both voice and data communications, which can reduce cost and increase efficiency. VoIP phones do, however, rely on an off-premise router, but (depending on the device you’re using) the way calls are made will vary. You can make phone calls using IP telephony either with a VoIP handset, a VoIP adapter, a computer or with a smartphone.


Why choose VoIP?

VoIP seems complicated, but the system is very simple to navigate once you complete installation. There are a host of benefits to using VoIP – let’s list some now:

  • VoIP phones are tied to user accounts rather than phone numbers, meaning you can take and make calls from multiple accounts and different phone numbers.


  • VoIP phones offer high-definition sound when working in conjunction with a high-quality internet connection – always allowing your calls to sound crisp and professional.


  • Once you have completed setting up your VoIP system you will find that it’s a lot cheaper than using normal phone lines. With most contracts there is no extra cost in making long distance or overseas calls either, so if your business grows, and you get some clients abroad, there is no need to worry about any surprise costs.

There is one thing to note, however, and that is the importance of a reliable internet connection. This cannot be understated if you want good sound quality while making calls. This essential factor often leads businesses that switch to VoIP to assess their internet connectivity.

VoIP is the future of business telephony – if you want to undergo a transition but are unsure what the right steps to take are, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team of experts for  IT help and consultancy.



Is your current phone system outdated? Or do you find yourself paying a fortune in phone bills?

Due to excellent improvements to the VoIP solutions over the past few years, you can now benefit from upgrading to Grapevine MSP’s improved hosted phone solution. With our hosted phones, you will have reliable service, continuing business in the event of a power or internet outage and be able to harness the power of communication in your office today. Whether you have members of your team working remotely or collaborating in the office, trust that the Grapevine MSP team will implement the right solution, and also provide hands on training. Contact our team of experts to learn more.


VoIP Phone Solutions

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