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Using Silence to Focus Yourself

It’s okay to admit that your business is noisy. One day might mean hundreds of decisions, conversations, and insights. Even when we’re not listening to others talk, we’re talking to ourselves. Every thought we have doesn’t quietly drop in to say hello, it comes in full-charge so it can get our attention and we have to pay attention to it immediately.

Luckily, we’ve gotten good at blocking out the immense amount of noise in our heads, but no matter what, all of that noise takes a toll on us. Sometimes it takes a toll in ways we don’t notice until one day, we break down and forget what we’re doing six times in a day. Sometimes we can’t think at all, and we still have to make those big decisions that affect our business.

So how do we return our focus and quiet down the noise in a more permanent way?

Unplug and Play

Stop focusing so much on work. It’s okay to whip out some M&Ms sometimes and enjoy a snack. If you’re really overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to stash some coloring sheets in your office. It might sound really silly, and it is, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need to refocus yourself and get back on track.


Not everyone agrees that meditation is a worthy use of time, but in all honesty, studies show not only does it lower stress, it makes it easier to function on a day to day basis when there’s a lot going on. It’s a no-pressure exercise that takes up ten minutes of your day with silence. You won’t miss those ten minutes because you’ll be busy focusing on you instead of the ruckus.

Have a Nice Walk

Take a notebook and go on a nature walk. Alternatively, a convertible will do, too. Every person in existence should be able to take a snooze in the grass and watch puffy clouds float by. The power of nature is overwhelming and much of the time, completely inspiring. If you’re stuck on a problem, sometimes nature can help you solve it in a creative manner.

These techniques might seem kind of corny, but you only say that because you’re so used to the noise of being in a business. Don’t let yourself make that noise your constant background, because you’ll find more success when you remember that slowing down can do everyone a little good.

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