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Two Ways Windows 8 is Going to Shake Up the Market

PC is picking up the pace when it comes to releases. Starting near the end of October, Microsoft’s new operating system is going to flood the market with over fifty new products, including laptops, tablets, all-in-ones, netbooks and more.

Only fifteen or so of these new products have had official announcements, and a good number of them are scheduled to be announced in early October. The majority of the new products, however, are just going to hit the market and go up for sale when Windows 8 does on October 26th.

Since there are going to be literally dozens of new choices flooding the market, it’s important to know a couple of things if you may be in the market for buying a new machine in the next few months.

Touchscreens on Clamshell Laptops are Trending

Everyone has seen and probably used your typical laptop with a “clamshell” screen that is opened and closed for use. What many people have not used or seen, however, is something that Windows 8 is bringing to the market in droves – the clamshell touchscreen. Almost every single PC maker is going to start offering an option to add touch screen to your new laptop (at an additional price) when you buy a computer with Windows 8 on it. Some companies, such as HP and Dell, are even building new models that are meant exclusively to be touchscreens.

You may think that it’s overkill, but the feature is actually quite useful, especially since most of us are used to it due to smartphone design.

There Will be Tons of Hybrids and Convertibles Coming to Market

There’s some new technology being introduced, and a lot of it has to do with hybrids and convertible technologies. Both involve taking your new tablet and connecting it to a keyboard of your choice, effectively making your tablet a laptop. When you get sick of it or are on the go, you simply disconnect the keyboard with the click of a button and take the tablet with you instead.

Most PC makers are also releasing their own takes on these technologies, and the vast majority of them are exactly the same as the company next door. You’ll see a couple of unique designs, such as the “slider” laptops, which has a screen that slides down over a keyboard or has a screen that will flip a full 360 degrees around its keyboard, however.

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