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Tips for Launching Your Website That Will Make People Remember You

Because you want to be successful, you want people to remember you. From your logo to your motto, everything about your company should say ‘come to me when you need business, because I do it right, and because I’m memorable’. People are willing to spend money on a company that portrays those ideas correctly, and that has built a reputation upon them. If you don’t establish the proper reputation – that is, brand identity – then you risk failing solely because people don’t know you.

Here are a few quick tips to make you more than a passing thought to a potential client.

Be Creative in Your Designs

Whether you’re designing a logo or a website, your designs should be something special. Even though your navigation should be easy to use and your contact information should always be blatantly obvious, you still have some room to play with the other components. Your logo should say something about your company if you can manage it – think a bicycle wheel for a company that makes bicycles – but it’s not necessary as long as it’s wildly different from other companies’ logos in your niche.

Use Social Networking to Your Advantage

Social Networking is pretty much a cinch; once you’ve decided it’s something you’d like to do, you can reach oodles of customers in just a few months. Check out some companies that are near and dear to your heart and see what they do. What kind of information do they share? What kind of statuses do they post? And most importantly, what’s getting commented on and shared the most? Most of the time, interesting content that’s actually helpful to a client wins out over all other postings. Good deals on your services can also spur fans of your page to share, and thus bring more traffic to your site.

Google Ranking (or SEO)

If you’ve hired Vertical Axion to manage your website for you, this shouldn’t be an issue for you – you’re likely rising in the rankings already. But in case you haven’t, simply being seen is the number one most important thing you need to start making sales. Social networking is a great start, but when you need that extra nudge in the right direction, SEO tactics may be the right path for you. SEO doesn’t mean you have to spam anyone or post your links everywhere; it can start with something as simple as starting a blog and posting daily or weekly. This tells search engines your website could be useful to some people, and you’ll start to rise in the search results. The more unique visitors come to your website, the more search engines will like your page, and the higher you’ll climb.

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