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Three Ways to Boost Sales Before the End of the Year

Everyone’s always looking for interesting, innovative ways to boost sales and streamline operations. Sometimes the answer is right in front of their faces, yet they don’t always notice it right away. Here are a few common sense ways to connect with customers to make more sales.

Send Handwritten Thank You Notes

Don’t depend on automated e-mail services to get the point across. Instead of sending out form letter thank yous, it’s important that you customize your letters before you send them. If you aren’t much for handwritten notes, then you can use a new service called Thankster. Thankster’s mission is to make it easy for you to write thank you notes. You can type up your thank you notes online – you can even send them in handwriting-styled fonts – and send them along via email. If need be, you can even submit your own handwriting to Thankster and they’ll design a font around it so you can use it online.

Conduct Your Own Research

I cannot stress the importance of doing market research. Don’t overdo it, of course, because after a certain point it becomes a waste of time and energy. However, sending surveys out to your current clients (and even potential clients) can give you a good picture of what’s going on with your clients. How they feel about your service now, and what you can do to make them even happier in the future. If you don’t think you can afford to send out surveys, think again: places like SurveyBuilder and SurveyMonkey are excellent resources for free survey sending.

Pour Resources into Your Online Marketing

Don’t stop at just Twitter and Facebook. When you can expand your online marketing, do so. Post your ads whenever and wherever you can. Make sure your business listings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other popular search engines are up-to-date and customized by you. Make sure you have business profiles on every site you possibly can manage; it will help you bring in leads and raise your rankings on Google.

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