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Three New Trends that May Shape Your Business

Are you using new technology to benefit your business to the fullest? There are several new tech trends that have been predicted by the top prediction companies (like j2 Global). These trends are supposed to make a huge impact on small and medium-sized businesses in the upcoming year.


The number of smartphones sold in 2011 finally overcame the number of PCs sold – for the first time. Many small businesses are already harnessing the power that comes with smartphones and tablets, but 2013 is going to ramp up a few more uses of these mobile Internet devices. The company j2 Global expects that many  businesses will begin to use mobile CRM systems that will help employees log sales information, no matter where they are and what they’re doing. The company also expects mobile phone conference calling to take off as well as Web conferencing now that they can both be used to satisfy immediate business needs.

The Cloud

SMBs finally have several cloud services in their price ranges, and many only begun to recognize the savings associated with using the cloud over traditional usages. Some cloud services even offer Web conferencing, accounting programs, payroll applications, and telephone communications. Even though smaller businesses have been very hesitant to adapt to cloud services, this year is supposed to be bigger than ever.

Integrated Systems

Integrated systems have been in the forefront of many minds for many months now, but the new predictions indicate that even fully disconnected businesses will become fully integrated this year to make small business operations easier and smoother. Sales and marketing will be the first to come, which allows integrated CRM services and email marketing, followed by social media and customer building applications.

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