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Threadsy Acquired by Facebook

A social aggregator by the name of Threadsy has been acquired by Facebook as of last Friday.

Threadsy was pronounced bankrupt several months ago. However, a service owned by the former company, called Swaylo, is still active and is part of the acquisition by Facebook. Swaylo is a service that allows people to view how well their posts go over with their friends and audiences on social networks. Swaylo announced a few days ago that if the acquisition goes through that their services will no longer be free or available to the general public. Essentially, any coding and programming that they now own will be forfeited to Facebook for their use on the website.

CEO Rob Goldman stated that the acquisition is “incredibly exciting for us here at Swaylo,” and that the website was built in the first place because they “believe in Facebook and other social media services and [that they are] the digital representation of our lives. There is no better opportunity to take Swaylo’s vision to the next level than at Facebook.”

SwayLo Pro, a service for enterprise-level businesses, will continue as its own company. Facebook has confirmed that they are indeed buying Thready’s Swaylo service, but have not confirmed any additional details.

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