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The Importance of Multi-Factor Authentication in Modern Business

The modern workplace is a dangerous place. With cyber attacks on the rise and increasing in sophistication every day, we do what we can to defend our systems in the form of tools and an educated workforce that can combat these attacks and – if successful – deter the criminals and force them to look elsewhere.

However, with the attacks increasing in complexity at such an alarming rate, it has become apparent that traditional security methods (like requiring a username and password) don’t quite cut it anymore.

That brings us to multi-factor authentication (MFA) – this is security technology that requires a minimum of two authentication methods from different types of credentials to verify a user’s identity before they are able to login or carry out any other transaction.


MFA – Why is it so important?

To gain access to the system, users need to provide information relating to a password, security token, or perhaps facial recognition. MFA is designed with the sole intention of making it more difficult to gain unauthorized access to a target, be it a computer system, an entire network, or a database containing all of your sensitive information.

MFA has a modern-day approach to security, in that we are no longer naive to cyber security. The likelihood of a breach being successful with traditional defensive measures is relatively high – introducing MFA as another layer of protection better equips your system when the first line of defence fails. It is no longer an if, there will come a day that your defences fail.

Multi-factor authentication systems were previously built on two-factor authentication (TFA). This meant that two layers of authentication were required before any action was authorized, for example a password or PIN on ATMs. This all changed when TFA was proven to be ineffective, because modern-day hackers have found a way to access passwords and PINS, which prompted companies to invest in much stronger security methods going forward.

With traditional username and password combinations being easily guessed, cyber criminals now use password cracking tools that automatically try thousands of combinations at a rapid pace until access is granted. Multi-factor authentication helps lower the risk of a business defining attack, it provides extra layers of protection even if unauthorized people do manage to breach one layer of your defences.


The Pros of MFA

  • It strengthens security at every level! Hardware and software are protected from every angle.


  • Hackers will find it very hard to gain access due to it using one-time passwords or codes sent to your phone in real-time.


  • The likelihood of a data breach is massively reduced.


  • It isn’t a long laborious task to set up; even those with little prowess in IT can manage it.


  • Access is more in control of the business – it can be granted or restricted at your whim.

MFA has the power to revolutionize your cyber security stack. Get in contact with us and we will explore it in more detail and explain how it can help your business.



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