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Tattoos May Become Communication Tools

Watch out: Nokia is leading the way in innovative technology that brings tattoos to the market. Nokia has recently filed a US Patent and Trademark for a magnetic tattoo that could alert the person who had the ink on his or her arm to incoming calls or messages from their mobile device.

So if you feel like making a statement in a completely different way, your chance may be coming. This may sound like complete science fiction, and it may not be a technology that hits the streets tomorrow, but it is coming. “All the mobile companies Patent and Trademark things while looking very far into the future,” said analyst for IHS Screen Digest.  ”Typically, these patents are coming out of the longer-term development programs. Any practical applications may still be years off.”

Still, the Technology is Coming

The Nokia patent application is also an indication that technology that we carry in purses and pockets is going to start being attached to our bodies via wearable or even implantable technology. “It is very hard to predict whether people would use it, but it is certainly a step in that direction. What we’re seeing is a move from clothing-wearable to body-wearable IT devices, and I would assume there could be a market for that,” says Glen Hiemstra, founder of

There is even possibility for technology that can get implanted in your ear or on your wrist for ease of access.

But Will Consumers Accept It?

This kind of technology seems “creepy” to the everyday consumer at the moment, and the masses are very much against having such body modifications done. However, just like everything else, if this technology can offer a benefit that can’t be met in any other way, it shouldn’t be hard to get a number of users on board.

Getting users to start using the technology may be easier if it’s applied to video games and other forms of entertainment first. This is how many technologies have started – hard for the public to accept, but over time they have been welcomed with open arms, such as Bluetooth and internet for the phone.

Even though right now it’s just a patent pending, it doesn’t hurt to speculate about potential new technology that may be introduced in the coming decades.


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