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Take These Steps to Ensure You Will Still Have Internet Access after July 9th

For several months now, the FBI has been running Internet servers that were previously designed to steal information known as the DNSChanger servers. Instead of contacting a secure server when you visited a website, you would be rerouted to DNS servers, making your information vulnerable. As of July 9th, these serves will be taken down and those who use them to connect to the internet will no longer be able to do so.

You may be running on these servers without knowing it. If you are infected with the DNSChanger Trojan and are currently using these services, on July 9th you will lose access to web browsing, e-mail, chat, and all other activities conducted on an active Internet connection.

We Recommend That You:

– Ensure your computer was not infected by the DNSChanger. You can check the status of your computer at McAfee by clicking here. This tool is free and takes about twenty seconds to check if your computer is being directed from proper servers.
– When you have clicked on the link or have visited, click “check now” on the screen that appears to see if your computer is a victim of the DNSChanger Trojan.
– If you are not infected, you need not take further action.
– If your computer is infected, however, McAfee will take you to a process that will clean your computer of the Trojan at no cost to you.

If You Cannot Access the Internet on July 9th:

– McAfee has provided an offline tool you can download in case you cannot connect to the Internet on July 9th. That tool is located at:
– You can download and run the program from the link whether you are connected to the Internet or not. It can also fix your computer if it detects any server rerouting.
– The downloadable tool will also create a registry backup that will allow you to reset your network settings. Restore them, and then restart. You are now Trojan free!


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