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Stop Stressing by Using These Tips

Is it hard for you to relax? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Life is stressful, especially when you’re just starting out your business. We’re all probably far too familiar with using caffeine and sugar to keep us awake those late nights, but we know that’s not really what’s going to keep us going when it gets really tough. No one’s immune to stress, but there are solid ways to deal with it. Here are just a few.

Breathe – a Lot

You know how you breathe automatically, and you take it for granted? So when you suddenly can’t do it, it’s a shock to you? Stress tends to make people shallow breathers, and sometimes that just ramps up the stress even more so that when you do breathe deep, it’s a surprise. But instead, you should make a habit out of breathing deep, slow, long breaths. The more you remember to breathe, the more stress has a chance to leave your body, and the more you can focus on the things closer to you.

Change Your Perspective

Sure, all the noise outside your office is annoying sometimes, even if that noise means happy employees (laughing, for example). And sure, maybe the sun comes into your office in the afternoon at the wrong angle, and you need to move your entire setup to different area just to make it work for you. But think about that for a second. Simply having an office – unlike the thousands of people who were forced to abandon their work spaces when Hurricane Sandy hit – is pretty amazing. Put your stress next to someone else’s and see what changes in your own mind.

Get Something that Inspires You with Beauty

Do you have a favorite flower, animal, view, or family member? Then make sure you surround yourself in reminders of that. Many studies have been conducted on just how uplifting something you find beautiful can be. Look at something beautiful can change your entire day, and research shows that simply looking at something relaxing relaxes the looker quite a bit.

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