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Security Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make on Facebook

Yes, you want people to find you and your business on Facebook, which means providing information that you may not usually provide to strangers. However, with over one billion users frequenting the site, it’s important you remember not to give away too much, lest you pose a security risk to yourself and your business. Here are just a few of the most common mistakes Facebook business users make.

Way too Much Info

People love information. They want to know your address, your business website, your firstborn child’s name. They want to know anything and everything that they can absorb about you and your business, so they expect your business’ page to be completely filled out in the correct manner. However, what you can do is not post too much information to status updates. If you’re heading out on vacation, don’t tell your fans that you are. If you’re upgrading your security systems, then maybe you shouldn’t share that information.

Easy Passwords

Did you know that the most common password in the US is “password”? An obvious password such as this or “123456” is just begging for someone to come and steal your account information. If you have credit cards hooked up to Facebook, or you use your Facebook password for other sites such as your bank or credit card sites, then you’re making it too easy to have your identity stolen.

Click with Caution

Sometimes people don’t even need a password or any private information to get into your Facebook account – sometimes all it takes is a single click. A bad move can leave your entire social media network vulnerable. At the very least, hackers can destroy the good reputation of your business by posting false links to your page.

If you use social media pages, security should be one of your priorities. With all of the new security measures coming out, sometimes it’s easy to let your guard down and trust those filters. You shouldn’t. Stay ever vigilant, and you’ll be protecting yourself well.

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