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Samsung Plans on “Modifying” Devices that Infringe on Patents

Samsung has hit the drawing board on modifying their products so that they don’t get their products banned, says a news report from The Korea Times a few days ago.

The newspaper cited well-known sources and indicated that it spoke to Samsung officials about their predicament. The mobile giant indicated that they were going through negotiations with Verizon Wireless and other carriers to discuss the easiest and most efficient ways to modify their products so that they no longer infringe on Apple’s designs.

Samsung plans on “jointly developing modified design technology” with all of the carriers that currently have their phones, though there were no official announcements on the ways that these developments will affect the company as a whole.

Just last week, a jury decided that Samsung was guilty of heavy patent infringement and owed Apple over a billion dollars in damages. However, Samsung has made it perfectly clear that this fight isn’t over, and that they are going to attempt to have the decision tossed out at the hearing on September 20th. Judge Lucy Koh has agreed to hear the arguments for banning Samsung products after Samsung has modified their handsets and operating systems.

The Korea Times also indicated that Samsung may begin to venture away from its partnership with Google and will begin to lean more on Windows designs. No further details were provided. Analysts say, however, that their most successful phones have always run on Android, so they may not venture far from Google after all.

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