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Referrals Will Fuel Success for Your Business

Wondering how to get more business to come in? That’s easy: referrals. Referrals are the cream of the crop when it comes to earning more business. Word of mouth referrals aren’t magic, but they also aren’t an accident. You can’t force people to share your company, but you can show them a great experience that they’ll want again and again. But how do you foster that ‘great experience’ feeling? Here are a couple of ideas.

Focus on First-Time Buyers

Your long time customers probably love you by now, but those who are going to be amazed by your customer service and talk about it are going to be the first-time clients. Blow the minds of those who have never been in your store before. Treat them like kings and queens, and let them know you’re very excited to see them when they walk in the door. Whatever it takes, make sure you turn them into a long-time customer because they had a great first experience.

Don’t Forget About Your Old-Timers

Now that you’ve wowed and amazed your first-timers, it’s time to remember you long-term customers too. Just because they know what to expect when they walk in the door doesn’t mean that they can’t be happy with what you have to offer them, and share that experience with others. Remind them that they are important to you by giving them special access to products or offering discount codes that no one else gets.

The Magic Words: “Thank You”

One way to get referrals has to do with learning to say thank you often. Say thank you to those who walk in the door. Say thank you to those who walk out. And most importantly, say thank you to those who spread the word about your business. It’s easy to figure out how someone heard about your company, since all you need to do is ask.

Gaining referrals isn’t hard; you just have to know how to dazzle your customers.

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