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QR Codes and How They Can Benefit Your Business

qrIt’s likely you’ve seen QR codes before. A lot of companies use them in a lot of interesting ways, from displaying information to hiring new employees who are clever enough to find a hidden QR code. Yet, how do QR codes really benefit businesses, and should you consider them for yours?

Consideration #1: Everyone Has a Smartphone

If you’re in the United States or Canada, it’s likely that you, your children, and your spouse all have smartphones. Your neighbors probably have a couple, too, and QR codes are read exclusively with smartphones. While an application does have to be installed on your phone, it’s usually small and easy enough to do, and then one can scan all of the QR codes in the world. The thing is that we do have idle moments in our lives, and, generally speaking, we spend these moments on our smartphones. So why wouldn’t we scan a QR code while we’re waiting for someone to finish a transaction, or one that’s in a magazine that we’re reading at the doctor’s office? It’s a subtle, effective form of advertisement.

Consideration #2: QR Codes are Frugal and Easy

If you’ve already paid for an ad somewhere, adding a QR code isn’t difficult in the least. In fact, it’s black and white, and will shave down on any color costs you may have (especially if the ad isn’t very large). This makes them an effective way to get the word out about whatever you’d like, including new products, locations, and more.

Consideration #3: QR Codes Make Things Mysterious

Your QR code, no matter where it is, can lead anywhere. It can lead to something obvious like your blog, or an exclusive invite to a party on the beach next month. The fact is that someone can’t just read a QR code like they can a blog and figure out what it does (unless you tell them). Often, these codes are scanned out of curiosity, and that alone can bring traffic to your website, blog, or cause.

Consideration #4: People Who Scan QR Codes Qualify as a New Audience

Why wouldn’t you want to get your product in front of as many people as possible, especially those who are in the generation that scan these codes? While a QR code may not be best for a product that appeals to older generations, often they are great for more technology-based products or ideas.

QR Codes may not seem intuitively useful, but when used in a creative manner, they can bring a whole new aspect to your business.

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