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Promote Commenting from Your Clients with Disqus

When you want to engage your audience, sometimes the simplest solution is the answer. One of those simple solutions may be to allow your clients to comment on your posts. Not every website has built in commenting, which makes it difficult for your readers to get a word in edgewise. However, Disqus, a social commenting system, solve that problem with just a few clicks.

Many of the websites you visit probably use Disqus, such as CNN, CNET, and But your website doesn’t have to be known worldwide for this tool to be useful to you.

Allowing people to comment on your posts opens up the opportunity for quality discussion. It may be scary to open yourself up to commentary, but the flipside is that you’re also allowing discussions that can take flight and make the relationship between you and your potential clients more powerful. They can also chat with one another, which suddenly makes your blog a networking tool as well.

You can learn something from those who choose to comment. Your opinion is not the only one in the world, and even if you generally have something right, someone else will probably know a way to improve the information you presented. Sometimes you’ll get comments that simply add knowledge to your post, and not only do other members of your reader base benefit from that, you do, too. Quality advice is hard to come by, and someone just gave you some for free when they commented.

Your content is that much more sharable. Disqus makes it incredibly easy to share your content. So if someone loves something you said, all they have to do is click a ‘share’ button to show it to their friends. In some cases, Disqus can even detect the Facebook account that’s logged into the computer, and a commenter can say something through their Facebook account. Friends see these comments, too.

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