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New Location- Visalia California 

Grapevine MSP in Visalia

We are proud to have been an industry-leading MSP in Bakersfield and the surrounding Central Valley since 2009.  Grapevine MSP has grown significantly over the past few years, with over 50 employees. With all of this growth happening, we are thrilled to announce that we have a new location in Visalia, California. The new location, at 1620 W. Mineral King Ave, Suites A&B, will be our company’s first office outside of our Bakersfield headquarters and will be home to members of our growing team. We are excited to be expanding and to be able to offer our services to the greater Central Valley Area.  

“When I started the company in 2009, my vision was to create a managed IT service company that really puts the customer first” noted Owner and CEO, Joe Gregory. “As an MSP. We provide everything. We have a whole team of folks that can take care of your IT needs either remotely or on-site. We offer 24 by seven help support. We offer cybersecurity solutions and staff augmentation. We pride ourselves on being able to go in and look at what a client has going on. We will come in and help them solve those problems. Once they partner with us, I like to say that they’re, they’re part of the family.” Our new Grapevine location will allow us to bring these amazing services to the companies located near Visalia, Fresno, and the outlying communities. 

Visalia serves as the cultural, economic, and commercial hub of the San Joaquin Valley. It’s known for its large agricultural and oil ties. Although there are many agricultural and oil companies in the area, Visalia is a diverse and growing community, and we are excited to be offering our services to companies big and small in the area. Visalia is the fifth-largest city in the Valley and serves as a hub for one of the most productive areas in the county. Visalia is leading the way for growth in the Central Valley, and we are thrilled to be able to offer support to the new and existing companies in the area. 

What Visalia/Fresno can expect from Grapevine MSP
Grapevine MSP’s vision is to partner with local businesses and to help them make sound technological decisions that will help keep their company safe. As with our Bakersfield headquarter location, clients can expect hard work and dedication from all of our employees. Grapevine offers:

  • IT Support
    • Grapevine MSP will manage all of your IT services for a flat-rate fee so you can spend your time on growing your business. We will give you the peace of mind that your IT needs are taken care of so you can focus on what you do best. 
  • Cyber Security 
    • Cybersecurity is a huge problem for businesses of all sizes. We help secure your company with everything from data backup and recovery to phishing protection, and more. We help defend your company from every possible threat. 
  • Cloud Solutions
    • We can keep your team working effectively and efficiently from anywhere! We apply the best technology and tools through Microsoft 365 to help your business function anytime and anywhere. We are a proud Tier 1 Cloud Solutions Provider. That means that we are the best of the best in the field. 
  • VOIP Technology 
    • Grapevine MSP offers advanced hosted phone solutions. With our VOIP solutions, your business will have fast reliable phone service even in the event of a power or internet outage. We can help your company run smoothly whether you’re working remotely or out of the office. 
  • And More 
    • We offer technology of all kinds for growing businesses. We offer expert, fully managed IT support and services that can help your company function at its best every single day. 

Over the last 12 years, our team has grown to one of over 50 employees to date and has served small to medium enterprise businesses throughout the central valley. This exponential growth has made our growth into Visalia and Fresno possible.  Our team of dedicated experts will now also be available to those in the Central Valley 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Take your company’s IT to the next level and start working with Grapevine MSP today. 

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