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Mobile Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Get Caught Doing

Mobile marketing is growing so fast that companies like Facebook and Google are bowing down to the masses that are glued to their tablets, iPhones, and compact computers. If those large companies are doing it, you should be, too. Not having some sort of mobile marketing campaign can rip your company to shreds in a matter of weeks. However, if you have a mobile marketing campaign and make some specific mistakes, you might as well not have one at all. Here are a couple of huge mistakes that are made every day by intelligent, but inexperienced, company owners.

Not Including a Phone Number

The vast majority of people who visit your mobile content are going to be doing so on a smartphone of some sort. You want these people to do business with you, and you want them call you whenever they feel they’re ready to talk business. Think about this for a second: your core audience is on a phone. Why isn’t your clickable phone number plastered everywhere?

Using Weak Calls-to-Action

No matter what advertising channel you use to your advantage, customers don’t have infinite attention for it: you only have a small amount of time to grab someone’s attention. This means it’s essential to make sure your call-to-action is specific, clear, and easy to follow.

Don’t overthink them. What do you want your prospect to do, and how do you want them to do it? Why should they do it? Any information in addition to that is usually unnecessary.

Long Forms

So someone decides they’re ready to buy and they click on your CTA. Instead of just asking for their e-mail, phone number, and name, you have a ten question quiz. Someone that’s viewing that on a mobile device is going to be very unhappy they have to fill out that form and may not do it at all. You just lost business. When it doubt, keep it simple, quick, and easy.

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