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Make Better Decisions for Your Business Today

Did you know the average person makes over ten thousand decisions a day? Whether that decision is what you’re eating for breakfast or if you should wear a tie today completely depends on the moment. However, some of us aren’t very good decision makers (even about ties), and if we become better at making decisions, it may be an excellent way to become more productive in business.

So how do smart business owners start making better decisions today?

Less is More

Say you have ten pieces of information. All of those pieces of information are valuable in some way, but not necessary valuable at that moment. One or two pieces of information seem more important than the other pieces, even though you want to read the other pieces more. The rest of the information are just the details of something, and serve to complicate things and often waste time.

We process information quickly, and sometimes we don’t need to know all the details to make the right decision. The one that feels instinctive instead of the one that is based on tons of research is often the right one.

Experience is Important

We often make different decisions based on the time of the day. Even if we’re presented with the same situation in the morning as we are at night, we almost always make different decisions depending on what’s happened that day. Sometimes that decision is whether or not we get coffee, and sometimes it’s whether or not we invest in a new business. If a decision is difficult, don’t leave it up to your own whims. Talk to other people and gather their experience, too.

And Finally, Choose Your Battles

Some decisions aren’t really worth thinking about. Some of those decisions, you will find, are actually pretty big decisions – but if they aren’t all that meaningful, they should be made quickly. Make room for the bigger decisions.

Remember, when you’re making a decision, it’s important to think about the decisions that matter and to toss aside the ones that don’t. You’ll be more successful and your decisions will be better, too.

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