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Is your data backup appropriate to how you work now? | Part Two

With the world of work becoming even more unpredictable during recent times – due to the unexpected arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic last year – many business owners are still behaving cautiously.

This is completely understandable. Many were shocked into the realization that not only do they need to be certain that they are working as efficiently as possible but also that they are backed up in the eventuality of another business defining circumstance occurring. As we explained in the previous article, Cloud computing was by far the most common method for most in their attempts to battle with the uncertainty the pandemic brought with it; its abilities to allow your team to work from anywhere in the world (as long as the location had a stable internet connection) made it the number one choice. This was particularly true for those that adopted a remote working team during the pandemic – most liked it so much they have continued the practice and have realized that it is likely to be the future for work around the world.

In the previous article we explored the Cloud impartially, we looked at both the positives and the negatives of the platform and concluded that it isn’t for everyone – some have no choice but to continue working with on-premise IT, and some may even need a hybrid of the two.

In the remainder of this article we will explore the positives and negatives of on-premise IT and, hopefully, assist you in deciding whether it is right for your business.


The positives of On-Premise IT


Access – no matter the circumstances

Regardless of your internet connection you are still able to carry out key work functions no matter the circumstances – you are not dependant on anything but yourself. The Cloud, on the other hand, requires a constant internet connection to work.

You are only dependant on yourself

You are completely self-reliant, and for a lot of business owners this is very desirable. Your only concern is your own systems that you are reliant upon and nothing else.


The negatives of On-Premise IT


The upfront investment and continued cost

On-premise IT can be extortionately expensive. The hardware, software, and other services aren’t cheap either to buy or keep operational to a good standard, and not to mention that they don’t work at the peak of their powers for a particularly long number of years. On-premise IT solutions typically have a lifespan as short as five years on average – financially, this could be a disaster; you will need to spend potentially thousands every few years to ensure the system is working as it should be. There is also no guarantee that your infrastructure will even last that long before becoming dated, meaning that a good return on investment isn’t even guaranteed.


Inability to scale

The Cloud, as already stated, can grow and shrink to your whim at the click of a finger – but On-Premise IT cannot. Like we just said, if you need to scale you will need to spend out on the infrastructure that can make it possible, and if this scaling is unexpected (as when Covid-19 restrictions came into action) you would stand no chance of being able to quick enough.

Obviously, it is essential that your tech supports your business, and the way in which you work, as effectively and efficiently as possible.

As you can see, both the Cloud and on-premise IT have their positive and negative attributes. Unfortunately, we can’t decide for you – the decision must be based on what is best for you and your team, and most importantly the prolonged success of your business. We can, however, assist and advise you in making the best revised decision for you, so contact us now and we will consult you in what is the best option for you.

We can even take our service one step further. If, after extensive communication, we decide together that the right choice for your organization is a Cloud solution – due to us being a Microsoft tier 1 Cloud service provider – we can host your Microsoft 365 environment for you and help you with your 365 migration. No business in or near Bakersfield will ever be left to fend for themselves, because we will always be available for support.

Your business – Prepared and Secure

At Grapevine, our team of dedicated engineers can meet any technical challenge you may come across. We take our time in getting to know you, your business, your employees, and your goals for the future so we can then find the best technological solution for you to guarantee constant security and progression. Our years of experience leave us primed and ready with all the tools needed to ensure a top-quality service, now and into the future. Contact our team and let us start our journey together today.

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