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How Offsite Backup Can Protect a Business

Imagine what could happen if all your business data gets lost through unforeseen circumstances like a computer crashing, theft, or disasters such as fire, floods, and the like. Lost data can greatly cripple your business operation. Thus, offsite backup is necessary if you’d like to protect your business.

In as much as you would backup personal files, the same should be done with your business data. But the traditional methods are not enough. A computer may fall prey to the dangers mentioned above. The same applies to storage devices, even network storage types like RAID. Not to mention the trouble of manually transferring data from time to time.

Offsite backup systems on the other hand can remotely store important company data in a secure location. Data can even be saved automatically through a scheduled backup. All computers connected to your network will be able to access the offsite data backup location. Each employee can choose which specific data are saved. As for scheduled backup, it is recommended to have it done daily after work hours.

Why protect your business data?

We often backup personal files such as photos, videos, music, and the like to preserve the memory behind it. In the same manner, business data must be backed up to preserve importance files. These files can be used at a later time and are important in a company’s day to day operation. Lost data results to interrupted transactions which may impair the company’s services.

Aside from this, the threat of data theft is real. Financial records and pertinent information can be stolen by hackers by accessing a network’s server. Physical data theft may also happen as in the case of robbers. Leaving important files at the company’s data base make the business vulnerable to this type of threat. Offline data backup prevents both data theft as well as lost data.

Subscribing to an offsite backup service is also cost effective. It saves you the cost of purchasing RAID or other related systems to store data, building a secure location using your company’s own budget, hiring manpower to secure the place, and paying for necessities like power supply, servers, and maintenance personnel.

How does it work?

Offline data backup system works through software installed within an entire network. This software enables remote data backup to be done automatically as per schedule and preference. The data is transferred via secure file transfer protocol (128-bit SSL) so you are assured that no information is intercepted during the process. All files are then kept through a secure offsite remote data collection location. These centers are designed to resist natural and manmade disasters. Data backup centers are also powered 24/7 by an uninterrupted power supply as well as a reliable server, secured by professional personnel, and maintained by expert technology staff.

Most data centers offer packages you can choose from. These packages determine the amount of data which can be collected and stored daily, weekly, or monthly as per your preference. It also specifies the duration of the contract which can be in 6 months, a year, 2 years, and so on. Most often, discounts are provided for longer contracts.


Your business is protected with an offline backup system. Your data is safe and secure from threats; you save money from manually initiating your own backup efforts; and you have peace of mind knowing that your business will continue to operate properly.

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