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How Fiverr Can Help Your Business Blossom

Fiverr is a brilliant, fairly new business venture that never costs more – or less – than $5.On Fiverr, absolutely anyone can offer just about any service for exactly five bucks. This service can be anything from editing a work of art all the way to dancing the hula while wearing a feather hat. It may seem unimportant from a distance, but in fact, this kind of hub is a goldmine for any small or medium sized business.

They Can Write Business Plans

Though a real business plan can cost more than a five dollar bill, Fiverr contractors do still offer a number of business plan writing services. You won’t get a detailed, top to bottom business plan, but they can definitely start you off in the right direction with a good quality plan that you can then develop and refine.

Logo and Banner Design

There are tons of people on Fiverr that are good graphic artists looking to hone their skills. For just five bucks, you can have one of them design a logo for you (or two for ten) in mere days, if not hours. Often these logos are of good quality and are excellent starting points for further design at the very least.

Business Coaching

Are you a bit confused and feel like you could use a bit of guidance, but you don’t have a mentor on hand? That’s okay – Fiverr’s got you covered. There are over a dozen available business coaches that, for five dollars, will help you work through your challenge, even if it takes a bit of digging.

Name Your Business

Yes, Fiverr users can even name your business. For five bucks, a talented name finder will send you a list of names that would work in your niche that aren’t taken. Alternatively, send them a list of specs, and they’ll send you a list of names that you can choose from. Some will even offer as many as 500 names.

There are many other services Fiverr offers, and your business can benefit from the vast majority of them. Check it out when you have five minutes and see if it can help develop your business today.

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