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How Do You Know You Chose the Right Antivirus and Security Software?

In an age with so many security choices at so many different price points, it can be difficult to figure out what you actually need and what is best for your company. The best antivirus programs not only stop computer viruses from infecting your machines, but they also ensure you’re protected from the plethora of other threats that a machine hooked up to the Internet will find. But how do you know which one is going to be best at stopping hackers from taking your private information? Here are just a few ways to find the right test.

System Performance

The mark of a good antivirus is that it doesn’t slow down your system when it’s running or scanning your files for danger. You shouldn’t notice any difference from when the scan is running to when it’s done doing its job, and most antivirus programs these days are actually very good at hiding in the background and doing their job without you knowing it. To test if your antivirus is this way, simply start a full-scan in the background and compare the speed of a few programs that use a lot of resources during and after your test (iTunes and QuickTime are just a few applications you can try).

Boot Time

Fully power off your computer for this test. An antivirus can make boot time significantly longer, and you want to make sure yours doesn’t. When you turn off your computer, time how long it takes from when Windows is open to when it’s done loading the antivirus (most of them load last). Then time it without including the loading of the antivirus and see how much different there is. The difference should honestly not be more than a few seconds, if that.

Tests for Efficiency

This is a test you shouldn’t do on your own for several reasons. First, putting a virus on your computer when it’s connected to a network of other computers is risky to begin with, especially if you don’t know if that virus can be removed by the program you’re using or not. Second, sometimes viruses can fool programs into thinking they are removed and you have consciously infected your computer with a data-grabbing malware.

Instead, make sure you use websites that already do this for you, such as AV Test. Companies like these have already set up networks of computers specifically designed to test virus detection programs so you don’t have to do it instead. Make sure that no matter what virus program you choose that you’ve researched it well and know it is the right one for your company.

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