Google Drive is Having Sporadic Service Disruptions

Google Drive is Having Sporadic Service Disruptions

Today is one of the first days that Google Drive has suffered from some hiccups, and many users are feeling the pinch.

On its status page, Google has indicated that they are dealing with the issues that Google Drive is having, and though many of the problems have been solved, there are still a few glitches here and there that some users may experience.

Google Drive was down for part of the night and much of the early morning, and though the problem was widespread, it was not universal. Most of the issues were occurring in the US and Europe. Many users, when they tried repeatedly to enter their Google Drives, were eventually able to access necessary files after several tries and some patience waiting for the page to load.

Google says they’ve worked hard for the past few hours and that if you’re still having an issue with your Google Drive, it should be isolated, and you should contact them immediately so they can resolve it.

Google is categorizing this issue as a service disruption and not an outage, though the company refuses to elaborate on what exactly caused the error.

You can see the service details here.

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